Rehabilitative Exercise
& Performance Enhancement

At Countryside Chiropractic, we are pleased to offer our patients the benefits of Rehabilitative and Performance Enhancement Exercise.

This exercise becomes a foundation of our management plans based upon the realization that empowering patients is the most effective way to promote optimal outcomes.  Evidence has shown that incorporation of a patient-centered self-care routine in conjunction with the myriad of other treatment interventions used at Countryside Chiropractic will result in expedited improvement with more lasting effects.

We have also created a YouTube Channel to share some of the most commonly used exercises in our office to aid in comprehension.  We realize that if patients understand how to do their exercises properly they are more likely to attain their goals.  You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.  Please note that this channel is designed for current patients.  Please consult a physician or other qualified professional prior to beginning any new exercise regimen.

Movement Assessment:  At Countryside Chiropractic, we use Movement Assessment to identify key weaknesses and imbalances that may contribute to or potentially result in injury.  Our team of physicians will tailor a program specifically to meet your needs

At Countryside Chiropractic, we are pleased to offer this service in conjunction with our other treatment modalities in order to help you achieve the full benefit for optimal healing.