Alter-G Treadmill
Anti-gravity Treadmill

The AlterG® Pro Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers elite athletes the ultimate in injury recovery and training. With AlterG’s patented, NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, the Pro reduces body weight from 100% to as low as 20% in precise 1% increments so athletes can start rehabbing sooner or increase training volume with less risk of injury.

In addition to reducing load on the joints, this device allows our doctors to track and report symmetry of weight-bearing, stride length, stance time, and pain levels to optimize performance and provide feedback regarding improvement.

We offer  variety of packages to suit your needs ranging from 30 to 60 minute sessions.  You can also take advantage of our High Intensity Interval Training program which includes pre-and post-testing for VO2 Max and an individualized training program designed to enhance your ability to run longer and recover faster.  

Benefits of the Alter-G

  • Reduce stress on injured joints
  • Allows faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Enhance cardiovascular conditioning
  • Real-time biofeedback while running
  • Safe for balance-compromised individuals

Alter-G Packages

  • 5k:  Five 30-minute sessions
  • 10k:  Ten 30-minute sessions
  • Half Marathon:  Ten 45-minute sessions
  • Marathon:  Twenty 45-minute sessions
  • Ultra:  Ten 60-minute sessions
  • High Intensity Interval (HIIT):
    • Pre- and Post-testing (two 30-minute sessions)
    • Ten 30-minute sessions
  • Gait analysis also available


  • Ask about discounts for seniors, military, veterans, first-responders, and student athletes.

At Countryside Chiropractic, we are pleased to offer this service in conjunction with our other treatment modalities in order to help you achieve the full benefit for optimal healing.